Ashley Tisdale: Picture nude for “Allure”

Do you remember yesterday I told you Taylor Swift has said no to posing naked? Well, now I have to mention that Ashley Tisdale has done the opposite; that is, she has posed nude for the magazine “Allure” and here I present you the picture that surely many boys were waiting for.
Ashley Tisdale has found a great way to banish her good girl image by posing nude for a magazine. She appears in the May issue of Allure magazine, and has not only been the popular “Sharpay” who appears without clothes covering his face, but so have three other girls; Keri Hilson, Bridget Moynahan and Kaley Cuoco .
But let’s focus on Ashley Tisdale, who has said she agreed to get naked after securing the approval of her family. “I’ve always wanted to be sure that my parents approve of everything I do,” said the actress, whose mum accompanied her on the photo shoot. “Even when I got the tattoo, my mom went with me. The tattoo of ‘Believe’, I did it because my mom always told me that [I] should believe.”
As published by “Allure”, Ashley exercises six times a week, but her good figure was not what motivated her to pose nude, but, as I mentioned above, so she could stop being considered a girl. “I [am] 25, almost 26 years [old], but people think I’m younger because I look younger… [This photo shoot] is like saying, ‘I’m not the girl everyone thinks I am. In fact, I am a woman.’”
What did you think the picture? I doubt there is a man out there who didn’t like what he saw.

See Ashley Tisdale video :

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